SetXTickPos — Position the X tick marks




SetXTickPos determines where (and if) the X tick marks are drawn. The tick marks can be drawn at the bottom of the plot, above the plot, in both positions, at the X axis (even if it is in the middle of the plot), or not drawn at all.



A string indicating the desired position for the X tick marks:

plotdownTick marks below the plot
plotupTick marks above the plot
bothTick marks both below and above the plot
xaxisTick marks at X axis (even if the axis is in the middle of the plot)
noneNo tick marks


The default position for the X tick marks is below the plot.

This applies only to tick marks. You may want the tick labels to be in the same positions as the tick marks. To position the tick labels, see SetXTickLabelPos.

See SetXAxisPosition for positioning the X axis.