SetNumYTicks — Set the number of Y tick marks




SetNumYTicks sets the number of tick marks to draw on the Y axis. You can use either this function or SetYTickIncrement (but not both) to control the tick mark spacing.



Integer number of tick marks to draw. If the value is omitted or an empty string, the default behavior is restored.


SetNumYTicks actually sets the number of intervals into which PHPlot divides the Y data range. If there are N intervals, there might be as many as N+1 tick marks (accounting for one at each end). Or, there might be N or N-1 tick marks, if a tick anchor is set with SetYTickAnchor, or if PHPlot is told to omit tick marks from either end with SetSkipBottomTick or SetSkipTopTick.

If neither SetNumYTicks nor SetYTickIncrement is used, the tick mark interval is calculated as 1/10th of the Y data range.


Through PHPlot-5.3.0, the argument was required. To restore the default behavior, it was necessary to use SetNumYTicks(''). Starting with PHPlot-5.3.1, the argument may be omitted to restore the default behavior.