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Welcome to PHPlot 5.0

PHPlot is a PHP4 class for on the fly graphs generation. It was started by Afan Ottenheimer in 2000 as an opensource project, and is now co-developed with Miguel de Benito thanks to sourceforge. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and the PHP license. You can always obtain the latest source from the sourceforge project page, please do also check CVS, we try to have it always working there.

For further information, please check our website

Example line graph with labels, legend and left and lower axis titles.


Example 3d pie chart.

Here goes a (incomplete) list, in no particular order.:

  • Several different graph types: lines, bars, points, areas, pie, squared.
  • text-data, data only and data-error data types accepted.
  • 3D shading for pie and bar graphs.
  • Different line types: solid and wholly customizable dashed ones.
  • Can draw error margins along y-axis when supplied in data.
  • Highly customizable canvas: titles, labels and ticks can be placed anywhere, with any color and everything gets automagically placed without overlapping.
  • Vertical and horizontal grids.
  • Legend. Different types on the works.
  • TrueType font support.
  • Linear and logaritmic scales.
  • Several output formats: jpeg, png, gif, wbmp (those supported by your GD)
And here a short to-do/whishlist:
  • Horizontal bars.
  • Simple isometric 3D plots.
  • Automatic placement of several plots in one image.
  • Better or automatic management of many drawing options (ticks, labels, etc.)
  • Subclassing for optimisation: move features into subclasses for optional use and leave a fast core.


We are not sure about exact requirements, but at least PHP 4.1.0 and GD Lib 2 are necessary. Feedback is welcome.

Quick start

You can rush for a quick start here.

Tests and examples

These examples make use of many, but not all, of the features present in PHPlot. The best one is the example-o-matic, where you can alter many parameters. Please proceed to any of them:


Description of the use and inner workings of PHPlot:

The Authors

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